I’m really shy but I’d like to try one of your massages. Help!

Shyness affects many of our first-time clients. It’s one thing to have a therapy massage but getting a Deluxe or Tantra massage can be even more daunting! Even so, we wouldn’t want this to prevent you trying one of our fantastic massages. So, to help all you shy ones we offer the following suggestions:

  1.  Book your massage at least 2 or more days in advance. A rushed booking is going to make you feel more anxious.
  2. Discuss your chosen massage with us and share any concerns before you book.
  3. If having a home/hotel visit, get ready and then relax before your masseuse arrives. If visiting our studio, give yourself plenty of time to arrive on time.
  4. Have a chat with your masseuse/masseur before your session begins. Talking always helps!
  5. If you’re concerned about being nude right at the start of your massage don’t worry. Your masseuse will cover you with a towel until later on when you feel more comfortable and confident.
  6. Ask for the lights to be dimmed right down.

If you have any concerns or questions about booking or want to know what it’s like to have a sensual massage you can request a call via our contact page or give us a call on 01234301952 between 10:00am.and 9:00pm.

Category: Massage for women

← I’m really shy but I’d like to try one of your massages. Help!