Why do I have to decide which massage I want when I book?

We will always confirm the massage, duration and price with you at booking.

Doing so allows the masseuse to prepare properly for your session. Your chosen massage will also determine how much time is needed for your session – massages range from 60 to 150 minutes. For studio appointments this means we can properly plan, removing the need for clients to wait around when they arrive and not have to rush clients after their relaxing massage.
Knowing the duration and type of massage a mobile masseuse is doing directly affects how we plan her schedule for the day. This means masseuses are more likely to arrive on time to your appointment.

We are aware that some clients have had quite negative experiences elsewhere e.g.being told a price before booking only to find it’s been inflated when they arrive. The price we confirm with you will not change unless you, the client, make changes to the massage or duration with our office. Masseuses are not permitted to change a confirmed price.

Category: Booking an appointment

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