Butt Things and Back massage


Butts, thighs and back massage

Here at Massage Only we think ladies butts backs and thighs deserve more than just a little love. When the muscular aches and pains set in you need a massage that can get in deep and help you relax. This massage has been created for those women that need more than just a cursory massage. So, if you’re fed up with wishy-washy limp-handed massages then book a session with our masseur Zen at the Bedford studio

So here’s how your 70 or 90 minutes of glorious butt, thigh and back massage breaks down…

Back massage (30/40 mins)

oil-massage2Always getting a back massage that feels too light and short?. Sometimes there’s a good reason but often, even when you ask for more pressure or intensity it just doesn’t happen. And that can be frustrating. Some therapists just don’t have the upper body strength or the correct technique to deliver the pressure you often need.

In this massage you can ask Zen, our masseur for as much pressure as you need.


Butt massage – it’s time to get stuck in (20/25 mins)

Buttocks (butts) are possibly the most unloved part of the body. Butts are sat on, slapped, squeezed, pinched and grabbed every which way – every day.  But they don’t get the deep, sustained massage work they often need. When all you really want is for your masseuse to get stuck in and give those glutes a bit of welly. Right?

Thigh & calf massage (20/25 mins)

Thighs work hard. standing, walking, dancing, running, walking – your thigh and calf muscles work extremely hard. High heels or the wrong type of footwear can make matters worse; leaving your legs ache with every step. A soothing thigh and calf massage is essential to getting you back to normal. So now you can.

Our masseur awaits

Our masseur will introduce you to a whole new world of DEEP but relaxing massage. This is a no-nonsense deep aromatherapy massage that will leave you refreshed. Now you can ask for as much or as little pressure as you want. No pushing oil around or unnecessary chat. he has over 15 years of massage experience at his disposal..so you’re in excellent hands. Your time is valuable so once you’re settled on the massage couch – work begins.

Your masseur will focus on:

  • Stretching and easing tension in the shoulders and lower back,
  • Pressure massage to gently relax thighs and calf muscles.
  • Deep and boisterous massage of the glutes (butt) to tone, relax and improve circulation.
  • Use of vibro-massager where necessary.
  • Duration: 70 or 90 mins
Butt thigh and back massage for women

Faq’s – butt thighs and back massage

Is this a sensual massage or therapy? – This isn’t a sensual massage. It’s a vigorous and up-tempo therapy massage so don’t expect to sleep!

Am I covered during this massage? – Yes, except for the area being worked on, you’re covered.

Do i keep my underwear on? – Yes. There’s no need to remove underwear.

What oil do you use? – We use a blended organic aromatherapy oil as standard.

The power of a shower

If visiting the studio you’ll be asked to have a shower before your massage. It’s not negotiable, even if you just came from home. We’ll provide clean towels and everything else you need. Five minutes are allowed for freshening up without it affecting your scheduled duration. If having a home/hotel massage we have some useful tips to help you prepare and get the most out of your massage. We’ve also added information regarding massage room etiquette.


We accept cash payment on arrival.  All our prices can be viewed on our prices page.  Click to book or call us on 01234-301952 between 10am and 9pm Monday to Saturday. We’re closed on Sundays.

Massage Only butt, thighs and back massage lasting 70 to 90 minutes

Prices – All regions

London /S.East /E. Anglia

1 hour: £150
1.5 hours: £200
2 hours: £250
Additional hour: £100

Central London

1 hour: £180
1.5 hours: £230
2 hours: £290
Additional hour: £120


1 hour: £120
1.5 hours: £160
2 hours: £200
Additional hour: £80

Bedford Massage Studio (MK40)

  • Full Body 1 hour: £100
    Tantra 1 hour: £120
    Combo 1.5 hours: £160
    Combo Max 2 hours: £195
  • Full Body Pamper session 3 hours: £295
    Additional hour: £100

(Zen’s prices (for women) are shown on his profile)


For those that love the Massage Only difference

Massage Only has never been afraid to do things a bit differently. So, it’s probably no surprise to some that we’ve launched this ‘cheeky’ massage. Our female clients often complain of lower back pains and a deep ache in the thighs- quite often after long days on their feet or after a stint on tallish heels.

Our experienced male masseur Zen is happy to provide exactly the pressure you want. He has a warm and professional attitude so you’ll feel totally at ease throughout your session.

So now you don’t have to put up with a pain in the butt!