Sensual Couples massage

Featuring 'together time' & Mutual massage.

 Sensual Couples Massage with mutual massage!


Sensual Couples massage with ‘together time’ has been a huge hit with couples up and down the country – there’s a link to the description at the bottom of the page. And the reason for its popularity is simple; many couples like to know exactly what will happen.  Knowing the detail gives peace of mind and helps avoid any unwanted surprises. peace of mind means our happy couples can relax and enjoy a fantastic massage experience with one of our masseuses.


Introducing: Mutual massage

Would your partner like to massage a beautiful and sensual woman? Maybe both of you would enjoy the experience of learning how to give a sensual massage. Mutual Massage gives you the chance to do just that! Your masseuse will be nude throughout the session. Exchange incredible intimate massages between you, your partner and your masseuse.  It’s the perfect time to try something new together. Without doubt Mutual Massage will add a new dimension to your Sensual Couples massage experience!

Note: Mutual Massage is available for sessions 3 hours or longer. and can be included in a Couples Companion booking.

Sensual Couples massage is so much better


To make things truly special we think it’s better for a couple to share the room, the time, the masseuse and the experience. So, our Couples Sensual massage is always provided by one masseuse. And that masseuse wants each of you to have the thrill of watching each other receive the highest quality sensual, 100% full body deluxe massage.
She will be nude throughout the entire session – as will both of you. And while you may prefer to sit back and watch the fun, you have the option of helping your masseuse give the massage to your partner. It’s sexy and fun. But there’s more.


Together time – special for all the right reasons


Passions will be red-hot by the time you’ve both had your sensual massage. So, it’s the perfect time to move to the bedroom where your ‘together time’ begins. After watching each other receive an amazing massage, this is your first chance to be together and your masseuse also joins you.

Once you’re both lying comfortably she will proceed to massage both of you simultaneously for up to 45 minutes – depending on the duration of your session. . Her warm hands will caress and tease everywhere; connecting both you and your partner in a truly unique way. Magical!

Mutual Massage – share the pleasure

Mutual Massage lets you both get your hands on your sexy masseuse! You and your partner can exchange erotic massages with your masseuse. Watching your partner caress and tease your nude masseuse will certainly crank up the temperature! It’s also the perfect time to do something different together. Maybe she would simply love to practice her sexy massage skills on another woman? Or maybe both of you would like to team up and massage your gorgeous masseuse to a frenzy!

Mutual Massage is only available for sessions 3 hours or longer. it’s 30 mins in a 3 hour session and 45 mins in a 4 hour session. Without doubt Mutual Massage will add a whole new dimension to your Sensual Couples massage. Now there’s even more to discover together!

               Prices – Sensual Couples massge incl. ‘together time’ & mutual massage

(Central London Add £60 to prices shown below)

3 Hours

incl. 'together time' + Mutual Massage

4 Hours

incl. 'together time' + Mutual Massage

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Questions we’re often asked..


Ques: Is the first part done on the bed also?
Ans:  Each partner receives their massage on a massage couch brought by your masseuse. You can request the masseuse not bring a couch if you prefer.

Ques: Is it ok to leave the room while my husband gets his massage? I’m not sure how I’ll feel watching it happen!
Ans:  Yes, it’s perfectly fine to be out of the room. may we suggest that instead of just ‘watching it happen’ you join the masseuse in giving your husband his massage. Just follow her lead and your husband will certainly be delighted to see you taking an active part in his massage.

Ques: Is it OK to touch or caress the masseuse?
Ans:  Its natural to want to touch and during a couples massage is a great time to be adventurous. So we’ve added an option to our Sensual Couples massage that you might like: Mutual Massage. This provides the exciting opportunity for one (or even both) of you to practice on your masseuse. She’ll enjoy it and both of you will too!

Ques: What if me and my partner want to ‘get it on’? 🙂 Will she stay?
Ans:  This happens more often then you’d imagine. And having your masseuse stay to see both of you ‘getting it on’ is very erotic indeed! Our masseuses are open-minded about things like this but always appreciate being asked.

Ques: Do things happen just as it’s described? I’m a little worried.
Ans:  We understand why we get asked this question. Usually women ask just to make sure that the evening they have planned isn’t spoiled. So lets put your mind at ease by saying right out that our masseuses will always respect both of you and the boundaries you’ve agreed. Beyond that we encourage couples to discuss and agree things before the masseuse arrives.

If booking a couples massage at a hotel

Typical space required for 1 masseuse and portable massage couch: 1.5 x 2.4m

Most hotels permit off-site masseuses and therapists to visit their guests. However it’s always a good idea to check to avoid any problems. Normally, masseuses come straight to your room without stopping at reception. However, you can request that the masseuse ask reception to announce their arrival.

If booking a couples massage at home

Decide in which room you want the massage to be done to make sure there’s enough space cleared. Getting things sorted can take a while so it’s best to do this before your masseuse arrives. They are not permitted to lift or move furniture before or after a massage session. Typical space required for 1 masseuse and massage couch: 1.5 x 2.4m.

Of course, it’s very important to us that both of you are totally relaxed. So, if you have any questions please give us a call. Fear not, there isn’t much we haven’t heard or talked about – so you’re in good hands.

Please note: Couples massage is only available for home or hotel visits. It is not available at our studio.