Tantra Combo Max

Tantra Combo Max


Tantra Combo Max offers 120 minutes of premium massage indulgence and body care in 3 parts! We designed this package for the client that wants the very best in massage, Tantra and body care.

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Part 1

We start off with 30 minutes of Premium Foot Care OR 30 minutes of Face, Head and Neck Care.

Choice 1.  Premium Foot Care:  30 minutes. Complete foot buff, toenails and cuticles trimmed, hydrating Tea Tree lotion bath and finished off with a massage. Perfect for feet that need some well-deserved care and attention.

Choice 2.  Face, Head & Neck Care:  30 minutes. Face & neck cooling skin cleanse, aromatherapy  face massage (citrus oil), head massage (with massager), neck extension and massage. A perfect way to refresh and invigorate.

Part 2

You’ll receive 50 minutes of our Full Body Deluxe massage. You’ll soon see why it’s so popular. This is no ‘push oil around’ massage at all. Our masseuses are trained to deliver a superior massage experience every time. The oil is a professional blend of soyabean and wheatgerm and your whole body is massaged – from neck to ankles, front and back.

Part 3

The pace then slows down as the Tantra massage begins. What follows is 40 minutes of very intense Tantra Lingam massage which concentrates purely on the pelvic area. This is no play time! This is the massage version of dark chocolate – intensely pleasurable and super-healthy!

Tantra lingam massage is well-known to be effective in controlling and delaying orgasm.  There’s no rush to finish either. Our masseuses make sure you receive your full session on the massage couch.

In all, 2 amazing hours that will leave you looking and feeling like new!

Full body deluxe massage

Things to remember

A naked man enjoying Tantra massage

Tantra Combo Max at its best requires you to be calm and undisturbed. So try to allow time to relax before your appointment. Our masseuses will insist on you having a shower just before the session begins – your effort in this regard is really appreciated by all masseuses.

Please, switch off or silence your phone. In fact, to ensure there are no such interruptions your masseuse will not allow your phone to remain in the massage room. Having a little down time after your massage will also do you a world of good. If having a home/hotel massage some useful tips will help you better prepare and get the most out of your massage session. We’ve also added information regarding massage room etiquette.


Scroll for Tantra Combo Max massage prices. Other prices can be viewed on our prices page.  Click to book or call us on 01234-301952 between 10am and 9pm Monday to Saturday or 10 – 2pm on Sundays.

Prices – All regions

London /S.East /E. Anglia

1 hour: £150
1.5 hours: £200
2 hours: £250
Additional hour: £100

Central London

1 hour: £180
1.5 hours: £230
2 hours: £290
Additional hour: £120


1 hour: £120
1.5 hours: £160
2 hours: £200
Additional hour: £80

Bedford Massage Studio (MK40)

  • Full Body 1 hour: £100
    Tantra 1 hour: £120
    Combo 1.5 hours: £160
    Combo Max 2 hours: £195
  • Full Body Pamper session 3 hours: £295
    Additional hour: £100

(Zen’s prices (for women) are shown on his profile)


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