Tantra Lingam Express

In a nutshell: An intense and satisfying short Tantric massage of the penis and pelvic area. 

  • Masseuse: Nikka
  • Where? Bedford studio (MK40)
  • Price: £60

Why a short Tantric massage?

For the past 6 months we’ve been asking clients how they feel about our 60 minute Tantra Lingam massage. Many love this massage and think an hour gives enough time to relax properly. Learning how to control orgasm requires time so an hour is just right. However, for many men an hour is just too much to cope with – especially if they are new to Tantric massage or very sensitive. Also the pressure of time means many miss out on a great massage simply because an hour, when one is busy, is just too long.

So, we’re very pleased to now offer a short Tantric massage in the form of Tantra Lingam Express. It’s a shorter version of our hugely popular 1 hour long Tantra Lingam massage. This shorter version is only available at our Bedford location and only bookable by phone. list like its big brother the Tantra Lingam Express is done on a massage bed with aromatherapy oil. The room is warm and very calm, giving you opportunity to simply focus on the delicious sensations you’ll experience for 35 tantalising minutes!

Full body deluxe massage

Short Tantric massage

35 minutes means you’ll have time to be in and out for your massage – with shower, in under an hour. However, rest assured that the quality of massage is high. in fact, we don’t think you’re likely to find better quality anywhere. And it has great pedigree too; This is a condensed version of our very popular Tantra Lingam massage.

We do insist that all clients have a shower before the massage so please allow time for that – and as you’d expect, your masseuse enjoys working on a squeaky-clean bod!

How to book your Tantra Lingam Express massage – Book by phone only. call 03452699669 from 10:00 – 21:00 Mon to Sat. It cannot be booked online.


Ready for 35 minutes of Tantra Lingam Express?

Available for a limited time at Bedford studio (MK40)

  The Power of a Shower

Incall or outcall, you will be asked to have a shower first. Its non-negotiable. No ifs, buts or maybe’s. At our studio we provide everything you need to get freshened up. If at home or a hotel you should be ready to rock and roll BEFORE your masseuse arrives.  Ready means the room warm and you squeaky-clean, fresh from the shower. Yep, clean skin squeaks! Your masseuse will certainly appreciate it.

We also have some useful tips in FAQ’s to help you prepare so you get the most out of your massage. And we’ve included some information regarding massage room etiquette, just in case it’s your first time.