Tantra Lingam Massage

Naturist as standard

 Tantra Lingam Massage


Tantric Lingam massage is an intense, prolonged yet healthy massage of the penis and groin area.* Lingam massage can be enjoyed as a sensual experience or used to improve erectile dysfunction and help men control when and how they orgasm happens. Premature ejaculation (or coming too quickly) is a common ‘problem’ among men of all ages. Our masseuses see it as an opportunity to show you that enjoyment and control can be had at the same time.


Is Tantra lingam massage just a happy ending massage?

There is usually a happy ending but unlike a typical ‘happy ending’ massage your masseuse is not trying to ‘beat the clock’ or rush you to completion. The aim of your masseuse is to prolong the massage and the pleasure while helping you to control the ‘ending’. Orgasm is not the aim of Tantra Lingam massage. Commonly, a ‘happy ending’ massage is one where the client is paying for and expects to have an orgasm. We have long believed that just being focused on the end can ruin the whole massage. The real pleasure and benefits of tantra lingam massage are gained when the client is tuned into the entire session; how his body responds, his breathing and state of mind. Being ‘at one’ with yourself is a sign of self-control and maturity.

If the reason for booking is to master control of one’s orgasm (or erection) then delaying orgasm could indicate  a measure of success.

Want a longer or shorter Tantric massage?


LongerTantra Combo massage is longer at 90 mins. This combination massage features a 50 minute 100% full body massage for relaxation followed by a 40 minute Tantra Lingam massage. This way you get the best of both worlds!


ShorterTantra Lingam Express is a shorter and cheaper version at 35 minutes. However it’s only available as an in-call massage so check out our most experienced masseuse, Nikka at the Bedford location. Great if you’re in a hurry!

*The equivalent for women is Tantra Yoni massage.

Tantra Lingam massage – what clients say


“I liked how Nikka did the massage… it felt normal. Nothing naughty… about it at all. Fantastic hands and the orgasm was deep. I felt it in my gut it was that deep. Amazing!” – Colin, Bedford

“Bonita was fantastic. She’s very professional and very sweet. She’s got an amazing body too which is always a bonus” – Paul, St Albans.

“Sophia is a great masseuse. I had to tell her she’s even prettier in person than her photos suggest! Amazing massage from her” – Molly, Romford



Things to remember when booking

Tantra Lingam massage at its best requires you to be calm and focused. Trying to stay calm while a gorgeous and naked masseuse massages your penis in masterful style will probably be an effort. But it’s worth it. Switch off/silence your phone. In fact, to ensure you get 100% out of this epic massage – your masseuse will ask you to leave the phone in another room.

Allow yourself a bit of down time after your tantra lingam session. Enjoy a cup of herbal or fruit tea (without the sugar). It will will help you feel refreshed after such an intense session.

Featured London tantra masseuse

Sophia is ready to visit your home or hotel in London or Essex. massages from 1 – 3 hrs available. same day booking by calling 03452699669 10:00 till 21:00. Want o book online? You can book 24/7 via our website.

Bedford Massage Studio

See all massages available. call to book or book online via our website.

St Albans & Herts Massage Studio

Launching 20th September.

  The Power of a Shower

Incall or outcall, you will be asked to have a shower first. Its non-negotiable. No ifs, buts or maybe’s. At our studio we provide everything you need to get freshened up. If at home or a hotel you should be ready to rock and roll BEFORE your masseuse arrives.  Ready means the room warm and you squeaky-clean, fresh from the shower. Yep, clean skin squeaks! Your masseuse will certainly appreciate it.

We also have some useful tips in FAQ’s to help you prepare so you get the most out of your massage. And we’ve included some information regarding massage room etiquette, just in case it’s your first time.

5 Facts about Tantra Lingam massage


1. Tantra lingam massage is an incredible massage of the penis. 

So, it’s not a full body massage. Only the front side of your body is massaged with most of the masseuse’s time spent on the penis, balls, inner thighs, chest and torso. And yes, it’s incredible. While you lie quietly, your masseuse/masseur uses special techniques that will both delight and control your sexual energy. Energy that can be controlled for your own benefit and that of your partner.


2.  Yes, it’s quite likely that you’ll enjoy a ‘happy ending’ or 2…

However this isn’t a typical ‘happy ending’ massage. Your masseuse is not in a hurry to bring you to orgasm. Quite the reverse; she/he will help you enjoy sustained excitement without release. Your orgasm, if you want one, should be achieved only when you’re truly ready.


3.  Naturist means nude by choice

Your masseuse is typically nude (naturist) while giving a Tantra Lingam massage. For maximum enjoyment you’ll be nude as well.


4.  Don’t talk. Listen and learn.

Tantra Lingam massage is best enjoyed when you let the masseuse give of her skill and time. Talking unnecessarily will only interrupt the flow of energy being created between you and your masseuse. Lie back and focus on your massage.  If you’ve experienced difficulty controlling your orgasm or maintaining an erection, a skilled Tantra masseuse/masseur can help. You can learn valuable breathing and mental exercises to improve control. However, this is not a quick fix. Mastering these techniques will usually require a number of sessions.


5. Tantra is for grown-ups only.

Tantra lingam massage works best for those not looking for extras or sex. If, during the session your mind is on other things you’ll miss out on the benefits of the massage. Make the most of this opportunity to improve your sexual self. Most clients who experience a Tantra lingam massage are often very impressed’ by the intensity of the session. In many cases the effects of the massage last for days, even weeks after.

**Naturist now standard with Tantra Lingam massage**

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