Tantra Yoni Massage

 Tantra Yoni Massage

Tantric Yoni massage offers a unique sensual experience for women who want more than just to ‘feel good’ from their massage.*

What is Tantra Yoni naturist massage?

tantra Yoni naturist massage is unashamedly erotic! The vagina and pelvic areas are treated to an hour or more of sustained, nerve-tingling stimulation. Both you and your masseuse will usually be nude throughout the session. She as the giver is focused on helping you relax and gain the maximum pleasure from this deeply intimate massage. Unlike the experience of many women in the bedroom, there is absolutely no rush to bring you to orgasm. There’s no need for you to reciprocate. No need to fake it. The pace is seductively slow while getting you to your pleasure ‘plateau’ and your orgasm, if it happens, is welcomed with respect. This is the perfect opportunity to have your Yoni pampered like never before!

Zen – Male Tantra masseur now available at Bedford studio

We are very pleased to have Zen available at our Bedford studio offering Tantra and sensual massage for our female clients. He is a highly skilled masseur getting glowing testimonials from very, very satisfied clients! Bookings are now available Tuesday – Saturday 14:00 – 22:30. See Zen’s profile or book a session now online.

Massages available: Butt, Thighs and Back massage, Femme Deluxe, Full Body massage, Tantra Yoni massage, tantra Yoni Combo massage.  All now available with complimentary aromatherapy oils.

Why women love Tantra Yoni massage


This massage is one where the recipient does nothing except focus on herself and on her body’s sexual responses to the many sensations created by soft hands caressing and massaging her Yoni and body. The Yoni is not just a sexual organ. It’s a reservoir of emotions and tensions. These tensions can and do affect your moods and outlook on life.

Many women rely on sex toys to provide an outlet for these tensions with varying levels of satisfaction. What many find dissatisfying is that it is impossible to fully relax while using toys. In fact many of our clients tried Tantra Yoni massage for this very reason. The masseuse does all the work. The woman, the recipient, can finally let go  No need to reciprocate. No need to pretend. No need to do anything except enjoy.

Benefits of Tantra Yoni massage

yoni massageTantra Yoni massage encourages the woman to receive and accept. For many women this is not as easy as it sounds. For various reasons some women are far happier giving in their sexual relationship but find it difficult to receive with the same openness of spirit. For other women a negative sexual past has created mental barriers to full acceptance of self. Physical, mental or emotional mistreatment are also responsible for the inability to accept without fear or question. Learning to focus on her own feelings and pleasure without need to consider someone else’s needs can be extremely liberating.

For these reasons your Tantra Yoni masseuse will spend up to 30 minutes (or longer if necessary) with you to discuss your needs and feelings. This quiet sharing session provides a calm introduction to a Tantra Yoni massage. The massage itself is extremely patient and gentle. The end is never as important as the journey both you and your tantra masseuse take.

Tantra Yoni massage

What to expect at your Tantra Yoni massage

Tantra Yoni massage always begin with a ‘sharing session’ in which you can discuss your feelings. You may have questions or just want to relax and feel ready for the massage itself. Up to 30 minutes is set aside for this sharing session which is followed by a 80 – 90 minute Tantra Yoni massage. You will be asked to undress and made comfortable on the massage couch before being covered by a sheet. As you relax the sheet is slowly removed. Your masseuse works quietly, allowing you to speak if you need to but will only speak if entirely necessary. Nor should you feel a need to do anything to your masseuse. This massage is for you to simply receive. Nothing else. Be quiet, be loud, laugh or cry… multiple orgasms or none. All that matters is that through this massage you are re-connected to your inner self. After your massage is concluded your masseuse will let you remain quiet for a while. If you wish to talk about your massage with the masseuse she will be happy to do so. Or you may want to be alone with your thoughts. This peaceful transition after the massage is important.

Time and patience

Tantra Yoni massage requires a fair amount of time to be beneficial. For this reason we only book appointments in 2.5 hour slots. Phones or other devices are not permitted in the Tantra massage room.

Solo sessions only.

We understand that some couples may wish to share this experience. And while the reasons may be positive it does become a distraction to the whole process. For that reason, partners are not allowed to be present for Tantra Yoni sessions. Prices Scroll up for Tantra Yoni massage prices. Other prices can be viewed on our prices page.  Click to book or call us on 01234-301952 between 10am and 9pm Monday to Saturday or 10 – 2pm on Sundays.

Client feedback

Some of our female clients told us what they felt after a Yoni massage with one of our masseuses. Note: Each had 75 minutes of Yoni massage and opted to have a 100% full body massage before the Yoni session.

“It’s great to feel so turned on without having to do anything in return”

“Difficult to explain how intense it all is…and I didnt need to explain what I liked either!”

“It wasn’t rushed. I usually feel I have to reach for the orgasm – not this time. It felt natural. Loved it.”

Prices – All regions

London /S.East /E. Anglia

1 hour: £150
1.5 hours: £200
2 hours: £250
Additional hour: £100

Central London

1 hour: £180
1.5 hours: £230
2 hours: £290
Additional hour: £120


1 hour: £120
1.5 hours: £160
2 hours: £200
Additional hour: £80

Bedford Massage Studio (MK40)

  • Full Body 1 hour: £100
    Tantra 1 hour: £120
    Combo 1.5 hours: £160
    Combo Max 2 hours: £195
  • Full Body Pamper session 3 hours: £295
    Additional hour: £100

(Zen’s prices (for women) are shown on his profile)


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