Yoni Combo Massage

Super-charged sensual naturist massage

Yoni Combo Massage – sensual therapy for women

There are lots of massages that are great if you simply want to relax. But if you’re looking at anything to do with Yoni massage then we think you’re in the mood for something a tad more exciting. Yoni Combo massage isn’t just one exciting massage. It’s not two massages either. When girls want to have REAL fun it requires THREE amazing massages rolled into one mega session.

So what does a Yoni Combo massage include?

So we start off with a soothing therapy massage of the feet or head. This helps you mentally ‘let go’ of the stress built up over time and settle into your session before the sensual massages begin. Then it’s time for you to undress and make yourself comfortable on the massage couch. Hot oils are used during the full body massage… every part of your body is teased into a state of anticipation and ready for part 3 – Yoni massage.

Yoni massage is where your masseuse makes you feel at one with your sexual self. Every inch of the pelvic area is delicately massaged. Non-stop. You don’t do anything to the masseuse. Nor does she (or he) want you to. This is your time to receive without need to return anything.  That’s why Yoni Combo massage is the perfect gift for the woman who is always giving.

Zen – Male Tantra masseur now available at Bedford studio

We are very pleased to have Zen available at our Bedford studio offering Tantra and sensual massage for our female clients. he is a highly skilled masseur getting glowing testimonials from very satisfied clients! Bookings are now available Tuesday – Saturday 14:00 – 22:30.

Massages available: Butt, Thighs and Back massage, Femme Deluxe, Full Body massage, Tantra Yoni massage, tantra Yoni Combo massage.  All now available with complimentary aromatherapy oils.

What 2 clients had to say about Yoni Combo massage

“What an amazing idea! I loved what the masseuse did. It was exactly as your receptionist said it would be so there were no surprises, which was nice. the masseuse was so calm the whole time which was cool because I was a bit nervous to start with. I was very satisfied by the time we were finished. I had a huge smile heading home. Thank you!” – Lisa, Hitchin


“I want to say thank you for recommending this (Yoni Combo) massage. I needed something like this for a while so i’m very happy to have found you. – Mrs R. O, Wellingborough

Prices – All regions

London /S.East /E. Anglia

1 hour: £150
1.5 hours: £200
2 hours: £250
Additional hour: £100

Central London

1 hour: £180
1.5 hours: £230
2 hours: £290
Additional hour: £120


1 hour: £120
1.5 hours: £160
2 hours: £200
Additional hour: £80

Bedford Massage Studio (MK40)

  • Full Body 1 hour: £100
    Tantra 1 hour: £120
    Combo 1.5 hours: £160
    Combo Max 2 hours: £195
  • Full Body Pamper session 3 hours: £295
    Additional hour: £100

(Zen’s prices (for women) are shown on his profile)


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