Massage Models Required

Be a sensual massage model

(and smile all the way home)

We are on the lookout for adventurous and open-minded women to be models at our massage training sessions. We regularly hold training sessions for our own and other independent masseuses. Theses sessions give masseuses an opportunity to refine their skills and benefit from the honest feedback a massage model can provide.Femme deluxe massage

Models are required no more than 2 evenings per month. Training sessions usually take place at our Bedford studio after 6:00pm on Saturdays.

As a massage model you’ll be getting one of our seriously sensual massages:


  • 100% Full Body massage –  The model is totally nude and 100% of her body is massaged including breasts and pelvic area.
  • Femme Deluxe massage (includes orgasm) – The model is totally nude and 100% of her body is massaged including breasts and pelvic area. orgasm is usually achieved by the use of massage techniques and electric massagers.
  • Tantra Yoni massage  –  The model is nude and receives Tantra massage to the pelvic area. it’s a delicate massage of the vagina and other sensitive areas. Breathing and relaxation techniques will also be included.

What we require from volunteer models

  • Definitely be adventurous!  –  Of course, you must be sure you are happy to have a masseuse practice an intimate massage on you.
  • Between 22 – 45 years of age
  • Provide good feedback  –  This is very important during training. You must be willing to provide relevant comment during different stages of the session.
  • Have sufficient time  –  Sessions can last up to 2 or 2.5 hours.

Useful tips:

If you have any hang-ups about being nude in the company of others then this is probably not for you. Similarly, if you have any issue with intimate/erotic massage then it might be best to give this a miss as these are full-on sensual/erotic massages. Orgasm is a natural part of these massages. Note: We not allow partners/friends to attend.

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