Zen - male Tantra masseur


Experienced, calm and totally focused. Go on,let it go.



Tues - Sat: 14:00 - 22:30 @ Bedford studio

Tantra Yoni massage: 90 mins  |  Femme Deluxe massage: 60/90 mins

Butt, thighs and back massage: 70/90 mins



Deeper intimacy through Tantra


Sensual massage for women with Zen – male Tantra masseur.



Zen – Tantra masseur @Bedford studio


Tantra masseur for women at bedford studio.Skilled and experienced tantra masseur for women

Finally, women can experience true sensual massage from our dedicated Tantra  masseur (male) at our Bedford studio.

No sex. No tackiness. Just non-stop spine-tingling sensual satisfaction.



Zen has been a Tantra masseur and sensual massage specialist for women for over 10 years. equipped with a background in therapy massage, Zen skillfully combines this with Tantric massage techniques. The result is a deeply satisfying ‘full body’ massage experience that relaxes you all over before bringing you to your own level of spine-tingling fulfillment. There is no rush towards orgasm – the build up is exquisitely slow and delicious!

Zen – calm and assured

It can be a little daunting to make the decision to have a sensual massage. So, you’ll be pleased to know that Zen is very, very calm and gentle. He’ll go out of his way to put you at ease. Ask anything you like – he’s happy to answer your questions fully. Don’t worry, there isn’t much he hasnt seen or heard! .

Zen’s schedule: Tues – Sat 2:00pm – 10:30pm

Massages and rates

Femme Deluxe  |  Tantra Yoni   |  Tantra Yoni Combo  | Yoni Combo Max  |  Butt, Thighs and back massage  |  Foot massage

Bedford Studio: 1 hr: £85*  | 1.5h hrs: £125  | 2 hrs: £160  (*Excludes Butt, thighs and back massage – 70 mins: £60)

What is Tantra Yoni Massage?

Tantra Yoni massage is a slow, sensual and provocative massage of a woman’s pelvic area… Click icon for more info.

Zen’s stats:

Massage experience: 10+ years  |  Age: 44  |   Black male   |  Tantra masseur (Yoni massage specialist)


I enjoyed all of it

Thank you for arranging Zen for me. it was very nice and he’s very, very good at his job. 🙂  I’ve never done something like this before but i needed this, I enjoyed all of it and I want to compliment him on how he conducts himself. it was never weird or felf ‘off’ if you know what i mean.

The massage was fantastic!  (he has BIG hands! 🙂 Will book again soon.


Butt, thighs and back massage

Very professional service

It took ages to find anything like this and i wasn’t disappointed. What you have is a very professional service. It’s a pity Zen doesn’t travel further out because I have a group of girlfriends who would all be happy to get a massage like this.

Well done, guys!


Femme Deluxe massage

Absolutely wonderful

I told Zen i would send in my comments and they are well deserved. The booking process was reassuring for a female looking for a massage like this. As soon as i arrived he explained everything that would happen and I had a few questions i needed to ask him. It isn’t easy asking things of a personal nature but he made it seem perfectly normal which was a huge relief.
The whole 90 minutes were absolutely wonderful and went by too quickly. I would definitely recommend you offer something longer than 90 minutes. Maybe 2 hours?. It took me 15 or 20 minutes to get into the swing of things but from then on it was great.

Please thank Zen for me and tell him I will definitely book again as soon as my work schedule allows.

Our reply

Hi Hazel, thank you for your comments. We appreciate the feedback and we’re thrilled you enjoyed your session with zen. We are considering your suggestion about extending sessions to 2 hours – so watch this space!


Tantra Yoni massage

Frequently asked questions

Does Zen offer naturist massage?

Zen remains clothed throughout the entire massage. Feedback from clients tells us they prefer the masseur to remain clothed as it removes the feeling that the massage may be more than ‘just massage’.

Zen does not and will not offer sex at any time. 

Do I need to shave for a Tantra Yoni massage?

No, you don’t need to shave. Do what makes you comfortable. Bushy or bald makes no difference to the massage or how good it feels!

 A word of caution: Shaving just before an intimate massage can leave you feeling more sensitive to touch. This could be  uncomfortable. So, if in doubt, stay natural!

Do I have to be naked the whole time?

No, you don’t have to be naked the whole time. We find that it helps to start your massage with your underwear on and then remove it once you feel more relaxed. And for extra comfort the areas not being massaged will be covered by a warm towel.

I’m very shy! Any advice?

Zen has had lots of experience working with clients that were shy. You’re in very good hands.He will help you to focus on enjoying your massage session and talk through any concerns you have. He will listen and do whatever he can to help you establish a calm and peaceful state of mind before your massage begins.

Chance of showers…

All clients are asked to shower before their massage session. Delays after your masseuse arrives will reduce the length of your session. In addition, masseuses appreciate a squeaky-clean client! Your cooperation  shows respect for the masseuse, her work and her desire to maintain excellent standards. You don’t need to provide linen or oils. She will bring everything needed needed with her.