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Testimonials From Men

Absolutely blinding

I know I took a long time on the phone arranging things but it was definitely worth it. I have to say, it was absolutely blinding! Bonita is  a terrific masseuse. She’s got such a nice personality and she has a nice touch. The 90 minutes they recommended was just right as well. Please pass on my thanks to Bonita and tell her I will definitely be booking her again.


Richard S - St Albans, Hertfordshire

Home/Hotel | 90 mins, Tantra Lingam Combo massage

Highly Recommended

I had an excellent, relaxed massage. The all-round service from booking to massage was very good. I would highly recommend Massage Only and your masseuse to my friends.

D. M

Home/Hotel | 90 mins, Tantra Lingam Combo massage

Highly Recommended

I had an excellent, relaxed massage. The all-round service from booking to massage was very good. I would highly recommend Massage Only and your masseuse to my friends.


Bedford studio | 60 mins, Tantra Lingam (naturist) Massage

Professional service

I was nervous before the massage but the masseuse put me at ease and gave a wonderful, professional service. I will visit again.


Massage: Tantra Combo



This was a completely new experience for me and I’ll definitely come again.

Thomas D

Massage: Tantra Lingam

One fantastic hour

I just had a fantastic 1 hour massage at your studio. The whole thing was great and Nikka is brilliant. I’ve NEVER had a massage like it before! It’s very different from what I expected and I was pleasantly surprised. Thanks for everything and I’ll be booking again soon.


Massage: Tantra Lingam naturist


Fantastic massage

I would totally recommend you guys to anyone. I’ll be back.

Leo B

Massage: Full Body Deluxe


Intense and relaxing all at once. Amazing! The masseuse was incredible.

M. L

Massage: Tantra Combo

Top marks

“Never had anything like the massage she gave me. Where did she learn that? Everything was clean and smelled good.  Top marks.



Just a quick note of appreciation

“Hi, Just a quick note of appreciation for (your masseuse). Wow! best describes things.  She is a credit to your organisation and helped me take my mind off my exams for two hours at least. Please pass on my thanks and I’ll certainly be back.”




“Amazing! Nikka was brilliant. Thank you.




Thank you for arranging the massage with Nikka, Your website did say it was intense and it was spot on!  I do have one complaint about not offering body to body massage. I would have expected to find it on your website when you guys offer Tantra massage and other stuff as well.


Massage: Full Body Deluxe Naturist

Our response

We realize body to body massage is very popular and we have had other requests for it. However, at this time our therapists do not feel body to body offers a genuine massage experience. The feedback from many of our clients also supports this view.

The Massage Only Team

A real oasis

JUST A SHORT EMAIL TO SAY THANK YOU!! A real oasis in the wilderness. I will be in contact again for another session.


Massage: Tantra Combo Max

Best ever

This is the best ever massage I had! I’ll definitely book again.


Massage: Tantra Combo


“From the clear and concise website, through the patient guy who took the booking and gave clear guidance to the awesome and immense massage – wow! What an incredible service and what an incredible team. Too good an experience not to be repeated. Thank you.”


Full Body massage, Bedford studio

I searched high and low

“It’s good to find a massage business like yours that has the confidence to be clear about what it does. I searched high and low  before I came across your site and it’s impressive. I think it’s professional and very clear. You’ve got my thumbs up.”

James G


Unique service

I’ve had massages from all over so i know what i’m talking about and you guys have a unique service. I had to travel over an hour to get to your studio but it was definitely worth it. Please pass on my thanks to Monique for an excellent massage!


Massage: Tantra Combo Max, Corby

Testimonials From Women

I had my first sensual massage yesterday…

and I’ve decided to write in to tell you how I feel about it. It took a while to even decide to book a massage like this. In the past I’ve had many ‘normal’ massages and realised that I found them exciting and a big turn-on. But of course, I would never dare let on that I wanted it to go further. It’s just not done, is it?

So when I came across your website I was so pleased! Even though everything is explained on the website I still wondered if I would sound like a weirdo for calling 

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and booking a blatantly sensual massage. It’s a guy thing, isn’t it; to book something like this. So when I finally called I was nervous. It was a huge relief for everything to be handled like a normal spa booking. The chat on the phone before i booked was very helpful. So, the massage. The massage was amazing!! Nikka was really calm and helpful. Everything was done professionally. She is really amazing and her hands are wonderful. She has a kind of Zen thing about her that is very calming and supportive. It’s nearly spiritual (I hope this is making sense to you) I was face-down for about 30 mins at first which was good as I didn’t feel exposed (if you know what I mean) right at the start of the session. As the massage progressed I got so turned on. 🙂 90 minutes went by so quickly! I was enjoying it so much that I wanted it to continue for at least another half hour. So my next massage will have to be at least 2 hours long. I’ve needed something like this for ages. I kind of regret not booking the Deluxe or Yoni massage but it was my first time and I had no idea how it would be. I couldn’t have imagined it would be so good! As a woman, it’s not easy to call and ask for a sensual massage. So thank you for making it such a pleasant experience. Nikka is just fantastic. Please let her know she’s amazing and that I’ll be booking again very soon.


100% Full Body massage

Can’t fault the massage

The massage was excellent. I can’t fault it. The masseuse was very nice. I especially appreciate the care she took to not scratch the floor (polished oak) while setting up her massage table. I was very impressed. Thanks again!

S. C - Aspley Guise

Massage: Swedish & Foot massage

Brilliant massage

“I’d like to let you know I had a brilliant massage yesterday. She did exactly what I wanted from beginning to end. It was the first time I ever tried something like this so I had no clue what to expect. It’s difficult trying to find a company like yours offering erotic massage that isn’t a massage parlour.

I was so relieved that everything was treated like a normal massage.So I wanted to say thank you again and I’ll be booking again soon. All the best.”


Femme Deluxe massage



Lovely, relaxing massage. The masseuse was very nice and good at her jobIntense and relaxing all at once. Amazing! The masseuse was incredible.


Massage: 100% Full Body

Exactly what I needed

Femme Deluxe was exactly what I needed! I feel lighter! 🙂 The man that dealt with my booking was very patient and answered all my (very intimate) questions but I would have preferred if I could have spoken with a woman? I didn’t mind but maybe someone else would feel shy asking a man. Very hot massage tho!


Massage: Femme deluxe

I really needed a good massage

“I’m at work on my computer all week so I really needed a good massage. I tried a few places before I found you guys but I got to say, I would recommend it to anyone. I know for sure I haven’t been as stressed out lately. I’ve decided to get my boyfriend a massage too just to see the look on his face afterwards!”


Milton Keynes

Sinfully Good Massage

Riva N - High Wycombe

Home/Hotel 90 mins, Yoni Combo Massage

Testimonials From Couples

Thank you so much for arranging such a marvellous (Couples Sensual) massage for us. We had talked about doing something like this for so long and we didn’t want to make a mistake choosing the wrong person. You gave us some really good advice about what to do before the masseuse arrives and it was very helpful, especially for A***.

We had a wonderful time and we’ll surely call again to arrange another massage once we’re ready.

H & A - Watford, London

Home/Hotel | 2 hours/30 mins, Couples Sensual massage

Nothing like it…

… we took our time choosing because the masseuse had to be a good fit for both of us. The evening was totally incredible for us and Bonita was everything we wanted. I’ve never watched a woman massage my husband like that before..OMG! The whole thing was such a turn on we could hardly wait for the together time bit! ?

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! xx


Mr & Mrs E - Barnet, Hertfordshire

Home/Hotel | 3 hours, Couples Sensual massage